Signs Your Home Needs Air Conditioning Repair

This article was provided by a Seattle Air Conditioning Installation Company, Lynnwood Heating and used by permission.

Your heating and air conditioning system works hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Although HVAC systems bring the comfort to our homes, they are not immune to failure. Some factors such as improper installation, wear and tear over time and lack of maintenance can cause your system to malfunction. When it comes to mechanical equipment, it is easier to fix a repair problem that is caught early than one left and become more severe over time. For your heating and cooling system to run properly and at peak efficiency, you need to have scheduled regular maintenance. Since air conditioning problems rarely seem to occur at convenient times, it better to ensure your system is well-maintained to avoid the inconvenience. Here are six signs that your air conditioning system needs repair or replacement.

Poor Air Flow

Compromised flow of air is sign that your air conditioning unit needs repair. If you notice that the air is not flowing at all or is flowing to certain locations only, you are likely to be having clogged ductworks or faulty fan or compressor. Either way, it is best to call a HVAC maintenance and repair professional to help repair your unit.

No Cool Air

Is your home as comfortable as it used to be? If the air out of the vents not cold, you may be having a coolant leak or compressor problem in your unit. To have the comfort back to your home once again, call a professional to check your system and do the necessary repair.

Funky Smells

If your air conditioning system begins to smell, you need to pay close attention to it. A burning smell could indicate an issue with the electrical wiring. A moldy smell could be a sign of mold in the unit or ductwork. Such a problem should be diagnosed by a professional immediately to prevent your family from getting sick.

Water Leaks

There are some air conditioning problems that can only be detected by sight. If you notice leakage around your air conditioning unit, your system could be suffering a broken or blocked condensate drain and fast attention will be important. Leaks can cause electrical damage to your HVAC system and therefore should be addressed as soon as possible. 

Higher Energy Bills Than Usual

Is there a gradual increase in the amount you pay for energy? If your power bill suddenly shoots up without a corresponding bump in how often you use the air conditioning, it could mean your system needs repair or replacement. A failing system will use more energy than normal to perform its usual work. This will raise your energy bills and therefore you should consider repairing it immediately.

Strange Sounds

If you notice that your HVAC system is making unusual noises, it could be a sign of eminent failure. Listen for any squealing, grinding or grating noises when your system is running. Call for HVAC repair once you find out about such noises from your unit to prevent more damage.  

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